Friday, 27 March 2009

Random Late Night Thoughts

Not everything I write here has to be about games, ne?

So I've been on this crazy anime kick lately, and decided to re-watch Sailor Moon. I loved that show so much when I was 10. One of my biggest regrets now is giving my complete Sailor Moon manga collection over to my best friend. She used to copy the drawings when we were younger, and she recently got accepted into the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. So...I guess I don't regret it that much. It just means when she's a rich and famous comic book artist, she's going to have to buy me a set of my own.

Anyway, it was just a huge nostalgia-fest for me. As much as it sounds silly to admit it, I miss the little kid side of me that really believed in superheroes. I always loved fantasy over silly dramas or regular romances, even as I got older. Maybe it's just because fantasy worlds just occured on such a large scale; the whole world and beyond. Really spurs the imagination....

...ack, I need to stop, I'll get all day-dreamy <3

Speaking of superheros, I can wait for some sweet PAX cosplay! I know it's a long way off, but I've been trying to plan what characters to be from my favorite video games. I'm going to try Ulala, if my sister permits it (it was originally her costume and it would have to be taken in for me a bit). I also want to do a cosplay of one of my favorite series of all times, Harvest Moon. I've been wasted hours in Island of Happiness and I want to cosplay the main female farmer, though I doubt anyone will get it *sad face*. Someone also suggested Chie from Persona 4, which I'm considering. There's a company that sells the official jacket (DO WANT) but it's about $100 so I'm not sure if I'd be able to afford it. Plus, very few people got my Persona 3 Yukari cosplay last year *more tears*. And I am dying to do a Left 4 Dead cosplay of Zoey, but it would only work if I had three people with me to be Louis, Francis and Bill. Any takers?

If my cosplay choices sound weird, it's just because I really only cosplay games that I'm a huge fun of...and I have weird taste in games I guess. I might be short enough to cosplay as a Little Sister...but I wonder how I would be able to make my eyes glow without, you know, burning out my own retinas.

Waaa, more on just sold their Sue costume (from CLAMP's Clover series)! So sad! I really wanted to save up money to buy it, it was amazing! Seriously, it is one of the best cosplay stores I have ever seen. Expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Now I'm going to have dreams of cosplay I can't afford. No fair.

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